Mission Statement

I am extremely passionate about what I do.  I have been a project manager for many years and understand the advantages of providing professional and timely services.  Being a freelance web designer allows me to focus on my clients and their specific needs.  I will never promise something and not be able to deliver.  I will not sell you on things you will not need to reach your goals.  You will always deal with me directly.  It doesn’t matter the size of your project, you will get my full attention and respect.

My Services

  • Static Web Design

    Static is not the best way to describe the types of sites I develop with WordPress.  In essence, the site is not static, but there are no complex database script calls like those prevalent in enterprise edition sites.  Perfect for the small business or individual.

  • WordPress: CMS Conversion

    The days of creating websites from absolute scratch are long gone.  Not only will this process save you money, but it allows for quick turn around times.  I can also teach you how to update your own content (blogs, pictures, etc.) via the simple user interface without the need to pay me.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    If you want a new site or want a consultation on your current site, I can make sure your rankings will go up.  Don’t be left in the dust by your competitors.  Make sure potential clients can find you: quickly and easily.

  • Social Media Online Presence

    Need to create a Facebook, Yelp, or Twitter page?  Need to seamlessly integrate between your site and these social media pages?  With a few tools and some handy plugins, you can simply update everything at once.  You will reach more potential customers as well as save time and money.

  • Website Consultation

    Need an experience professional to look at your websites and provide feedback?  Not sure why you aren’t seeing your site via the online search tools?  Worried about not getting enough traffic?  Are you on the fence with the decision of investing in a new site?  I will go through your site and give you some advice and recommendations – FREE of charge.

  • Contract Work

    Do you need to temporarily hire someone to take care of your front-end development tasks – large or small?  I’m a software engineer by trade and understand the need to meet deadlines.  I can handle anything HTML, CSS, and jQuery/JavaScript related.  I am also very familiar with most CVS tools and will be a great addition to your team.

My Design Process

  • Phase 1: Analyze

    Discovering and understanding what you need to build in the first place — is the most important part of the entire website design process.  What is your goal?  What is your budget?  How can I help you accomplish this goal.  This is when you will be bombarded with questions by me and is essential in creating your site.

  • Phase 2: Plan

    After learning what your needs and goals are, I will start searching for a WordPress theme that fits your vision.  I will show you a live demo of that theme and explain to you what customizations to that theme I plan on making.  We will also discuss logo design needs, color scheme, and other questions.  This is the creative strategy phase as I like to call it.  We are essentially picking the tools I’ll need to craft your site.

  • Phase 3: Design

    The preliminary planning and creative strategy is key for the design process.  Knowing what my client wants and what their expectations are makes the design process much easier.  Custom styling, coloring, and functionality is created here.  I use the “child-theme” approach in my WordPress development process.  This allows me to customize your selected theme and allow for easier updates to the “parent” theme during site maintenance.  I will ask you for lots of feedback during this process.

  • Phase 4: Launch

    After you sign off on the design phase, I will get the site live.  This is a pretty simple process and will change your landing page from a simple “Coming Soon/Maintenance” page to your home page.  This will take a minimal amount of time and is an easy transition.

  • Phase 5: Maintain

    Keep your site updated is key to increase ranking on the search engines.  Adding relative content on a weekly (or daily basis if possible) will do wonders for getting traffic.  It’s also important to keep your WordPress theme updated with the official patches.  This is a simple process and with the latest themes it will save you money!

Need a professional website?  Need help driving more traffic to your current site?  Need to subcontract some development work?  Or do you just have some questions?  Contact me today for all your professional website design services!